In the bike workshop you will find me - Corrado. My passion for bicycles started at the age of four, when my cousin Alessandra tricked me into riding my blue bike without any training wheels.

Growing up, I switched to my mother's Graziella – a coaster-brake bike that everyone in my family would be riding at least once. The bicycle we were really drooling for, though, was my cousin Luca's mini-red racing bike, as they used to make them in the past.

My father, on the other hand, rode a very classic commuter Bianchi. He would tell us stories about our grandfather, fighting the First World War as a Bersagliere on his bicycle.

As the years went by, the early 90s approached. As a graphic designer student, I bought my first mountain bike: a beautiful black Specialized Hard Rock. We were inseparable. I even carried out maintenance. But then my bike got stolen and I had to buy another one right away (I was almost happy to) – it was a Diamond Back Topanga. Then a tremendous opportunity occurred: the old Italian Gary Fisher importer sold off a few ‘91 Procalibers... and I bought one!

On my Procaliber, not only did I carry out maintenance, I also began making upgrades. However, once I became Art Director in a big advertising agency, the chances to bike dwindled. Bicycle modifications became my main escape.

Thus, I started buying old bikes to give them a new look and above all new life. For me, there is nothing better than to restore splendour to those items that seem forever doomed.

So, here we are at Frontoni Re-Cycle, a place where I restore bicycles - not only for my personal pleasure, but also for those people who want to revive their own bicycle. Or wish to own one like these.

If you are interested, feel free to e-mail me (my address is on the CONTACTS page). After a careful evaluation, we will finally bring a new project to life.

My Gary Fisher Procaliber.

A Pro-flex 752, assembled with scrap components.

A Mondial bicycle from the 60s that I found in excellent condition. All it needed was a nice scrub.